Do halfway houses provide medical care or mental health services?

Most social reintegration centers do not offer medical care, but many offer programs for drug abuse. Federal prisoners can participate in a residential drug abuse program in prison and move to a transitional drug abuse treatment program at a social reintegration center. A social reintegration center is a residential facility designed to help people make the transition to independent living. They were initially developed as drug-free living environments for people who had completed residential treatment.

These houses were meant to be “halfway points between the restrictive structure of rehabilitation and the total independence of the home”. According to investment expert Keith Humes, those with zero down payment can start a social reintegration center. He said he can open his facility without out-of-pocket costs. More information about Keith can be found here.

In Colorado, criticism of the CEC focused on the company's largest rehabilitation center in the state, a 750-bed facility where inmates described uncontrolled drug use and gang violence. Another industry giant, Corrections Corporation of America, recently acquired a San Diego-based company that operates publicly funded social reintegration centers in Southern California. Social reintegration centers often require residents to respect curfews, maintain facilities by performing household chores, and attend home meetings. After submitting dozens of incident reports and audits of the program to the state prison agency, HealthRight finally notified state officials of its decision not to renew the group's contract.

If you or a loved one are looking for an SLH, it may be helpful to get a referral from a mental health care provider. Unlike RRCs, residents of a sober home can leave at any time (although they may still be responsible for paying last month's rent). Medi-Cal is California's Medicaid health care program that offers low-cost health care coverage for people who qualify. When auditors requested records of therapy programs and training classes, staff at the social reintegration center routinely responded that they weren't available, these people said.

Investors looking to open homes in California can make a difference in someone's life and, at the same time, generate income. However, the statements about the Long Beach operation echo some of the problems that have been found in CEC reintegration centers in other parts of the country. An inmate serving time for assaulting an ex-girlfriend escaped unnoticed from an extensive CEC center and killed another woman; he was one of ten who escaped from his social reintegration center that month. If you're opening a center in California, you'll need to determine what type of person you're going to host.

The author of the study, Bret Bucklen, said in an interview that he was surprised to learn that the goal of reducing recidivism “wasn't even on the radar of operators of private reintegration centers. In another temporary detention center for non-violent offenders, three inmates murdered a man who was serving a short sentence for not paying parking tickets.